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Jury Duty

February 24, 2012

I’ve been called for Jury Duty before, but because of a change in the initial response form, there was no getting out of it this time. This time, I had to post. I believe them when they threaten with fines, and I’m not giving Baltimore City a cold grand if I don’t have to. I’d much rather collect $15. I also took the “no photography” warning very seriously, which is unfortunate because I wish you could have seen some of the characters that assembled. For example, the older woman with a wicked mullet accentuated by the wooden cat barrette that sat in front of me most of the day.  I literally sat staring at my fellow potential jurors, and the three young men involved with drug related shenanigans – ALL – DAMNED – DAY. Just so that you know, if you get called into a judge’s court, as I did, you may spend the whole day without any electronics. In other words, don’t believe the hype, this is not the best place in Baltimore to see a free movie! Take a book, but know that you will have to listen to a white noise/static sound, the whole time because they talk with each and every potential juror one by one. That noise makes it less likely that you’ll over hear something juicy, for sure. The good news is, I was dismissed. Somehow, the fact my step-father has been in corrections for 30 years did the trick. Why isn’t that question on the initial form?!


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