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Patapsco City Market

February 28, 2012

Baltimore is a city divided and yet we can choose to cross boundaries if we so desire; last weekend my sisters and I went to the Patapsaco City Market. The single review on Yelp at the time called it a “trip to a third world country.” I don’t agree with that assessment unless they were trying to pinpoint the origin of manufacture. I think perhaps the writer was making a judgement call in terms of their socioeconomic status. I don’t know for certain what the market is like during the summer other than perhaps there are even more vendors in the outside portion, but when we went the smell of flame retardent clothing manufactured in overseas factories, and produce that I wouldn’t eat unless I wanted to modify my own genetics was truly overwhelming. Still, I may return if I decide to buy bling like that pictured above. In sum: “Oh Baltimore,” you are such an unmelted cultural pot. Please take note that my middle sister and I grew up going to Lexington Market, and after a recent visit I’ve decided I’ll never venture there again because of the drugs and users. City Market is very different.


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