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Why Ogden, Utah?

June 14, 2012

I was asked, “Why did Ren move to Ogden, Utah?” In a nutshell, this is why: Adventure sports. Name a sport, and you’ll find it here! At 5,000 feet above sea level, it is a great place to train for whatever you might be contemplating.

A network of trails is located quite literally, right outside Ren’s front door. I’ve managed to run, hike, and bike several miles every day this past week, and I’m already seeing results. In the heat of summer, and in the snow covered winter, these trails are full of people.  This is apparently where extreme sport enthusiasts come to train, and to breed. Everyone I’ve met out here looks as if they have stepped directly from the pages of an adventure sports magazine, as do their offspring. Just yesterday I saw a preteen girl competing in an adult mountain biking race, and she was holding her own.

In terms of culture, the historic city center of Ogden, called 25th Street, has much to offer too. My visit happened to coincide with the Ogden Arts Festival, where the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art had a presence through their Art Truck which is a work of art itself called “Utopia” (a mobile gallery that brings you creations by the nation’s best artists). Along 25th Street, you can also find thriving yet affordable local businesses that include; roof deck dining, a comedy club, spoken word night, a bakery (shout out to my young blogger friends doing a story on the place!), and a bookery that also sells the wares of local chocolatiers, just to name a few highlights.

Plus, in just about an hour in the car you can be in the snowy mountains, or the major metropolis of Salt Lake City, or even Park City (the winter home of Sundance). There are quite literally, adventures around every turn. We even found our way to the caves of Timpanogos, another 1,000 feet or so above sea level. The one mile hike was gruelling but as every encouraging downward hiker said, “well worth the effort.” I’d say that is my assessment of Ogden, Utah as well.

Stay tuned for the video currently in the works…

Here is more info about what I discovered during my visit: (sold at The Queen Bee; we recommend the “lavender espresso” & the “aztec spice”)


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