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Dinner Pancake

July 24, 2012

Anyone in the know, knows that it is squash season. Here’s what you should do with that child’s leg sized zucchini that seemed to appear over night… dinner pancakes are calling to you. If your veggie fruit is actually that large, my first recommendation is to grate it and then let it drain in a colander for a bit. After that, I’ve provided the basic outline in one of the pictures found above. I cheated quite a bit. I used 2x the zucchini, extra eggs, and I didn’t add sugar, instead counting on the sweetness of coconut oil. Then, I’m sorry, things get a bit complex. You see my sister and brother-in-law rock, and for Christmas they gave me some homemade pumpkin butter. Then, I also happen to know a woman with goats, and I know how to make goat cheese. So for my zucchini pancakes, I topped them with said pumpkin butter and goat cheese, along with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. If you come up with an equally delish dish, please share it with me.

Here are my goat and goat cheese related videos by the way:


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