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Citizens of the World

August 2, 2012

In the past 36 hours I’ve managed to meet up with Iceland in New York, and with Jamaica in Washington DC. In other words, I heard Sigur Rós play at Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park, and then I attended the opening reception of Outward Reach at the Art Museum of the Americas’ F street gallery.

For those who don’t know Sigur Rós, I’d like to introduce you with my own attempt at a spontaneous single shot recording that I made at their show (you’ll find this piece below this post by the end of the day). They are one of my very favorite touring groups; I find great auditory comfort in their use of classical and minimalist techniques, and I feel that we are kindred spirits in terms of playing in nature which is often times a visual component to their music videos and concert documentaries. Those two elements ultimately hit me at my core.

Outward Reach is an exhibit of seven Jamaican photographers and new media artists. The exhibition features artists living and working in the United States. Details of my two favorite artists’ work, Jacqueline Bishop and Cosmo Whyte, are found above. I feel that these artists are effectively speaking to me through their media about the complexity of the layers of history they share as Jamaicans living in America, as well as how the constraints of the modern world can feel so very stifling for those who know the slow paced nature connected lifestyle of the islands. Jacqueline arranged this show in celebration of Jamaica’s golden jubilee anniversary of Independence.

I’d like to give one last shout out to Gwen of Gwennie’s Cool Drinks; she sells healthy alternatives (have you seen the other options?!) to travelers at Penn Station in Baltimore. Even folks who don’t stop to make a purchase are learning from her informative signs. The most recent was about the FDA’s findings on “cancer causing carmel coloring.” Keep an eye out for her, and find her on twitter @GwenEsDrinks!

I’ve had a grand time exploring other nations through the arts these past few days, while most of the world homes in on the Olympics. I’m pleased to know that while folks may be cheering for specific countries, we are all citizens of the world. We are all in it together in the end, and I like to think that we can all contribute to the greater good in our own small but meaningful ways.

Here’s more detail on Outward Reach, Jacqueline Bishop’s show at the AMA:

While I highly recommend Heima, here is more on Sigur Rós in general:

And, here is my video:


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