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Be My Butternut

August 12, 2012

Squash season is still in full swing! And so, the quest for recipes required to handle the high yield continue. [If you have a moment to check out my ‘Dinner Pancake’ post you’ll find another handy one.] The inspiration for this post was recommended to me by a friend (shout out to Kat!) and the end result may be the reason human beings evolved. Yes, it is that good. Here’s the original recipe:

Our medium sized garden plot provided eleven (!) butternut squash. I only took one, and shared a few with my sisters. I also grabbed an onion and used that instead of the leeks suggested by the recipe. In fact, I ended up using the recipe as a guide only; substituting short grain brown rice for the risotto I didn’t find at my health food store, and the coconut oil I had on hand instead of olive, as well as a blend of four different types of pepper corn that I bought for another dish.

As I made my risotto, I imagined our ancient ancestors starting to farm, and learning to take advantage of the seasonal bounty. Yes, here is where the comparisons to the book “Como Agua Para Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel come into play. Thyme is currently in bloom with its abundant small purple flowers. We should all eat more flowers, imagine what that does to your spirit. I also suggest flirting via text message, as you’ll be spending a full hour in the kitchen. Not only is it a lot of fun, it also does something amazing to the food. Try it and find out for yourself!


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