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Clifton Park (part 1)

September 25, 2012

History lurks just under the surface of things here in Baltimore. Removing a fleck of paint can uncover an expansive fresco, or a tiny love note scrawled upon the wall. At long last this, and much more, is happening at the mansion in Clifton Park, the former home of Johns Hopkins.

How do I know? A neighbor friend of mine set up an informal tour, with a friend of hers who works on the premises, and I can’t thank the two of them enough for the opportunity. The view of the city from the mansion’s tower is unparalleled by anything I’ve experienced. Now that I’ve seen the current state of things, I’m truly looking forward to the completion of the planned restoration.

While I love learning about the past, it also makes me want to cry. Why you ask? Perhaps it is that we have not cared more as a populace to preserve it. Perhaps because our ancestors experienced similar joys and sorrows, and now they are gone and long forgotten. It is our job to remember them. To learn from them. To build on their successes and failures. And it feels like we are not currently doing them justice Baltimore!

Take a moment to look at these images of Clifton Park’s former glory: Does it also remind you of Prospect Park in Brooklyn? We can and will do better – I have hope for that. But we need everyone to get involved. And, it may come down to remembering how to do the very most basic of things; quite literally, how to feed ourselves. Luckily that is also happening in Clifton Park, but that calls for another blog post… to be continued…


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