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Galerie Myrtis

October 15, 2012

Have you been to Galerie Myrtis yet? At the moment, this unassuming space located on the corner of 23rd and N. Charles Street is easily spotted on foot when headed southbound, because of the ‘giant boy riding a pony’ posted on the side of the building. Their current exhibit in conjunction with The Walters Art Museum – Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe: The Contemporary Response – shouldn’t be missed. On display at the gallery, are the work of eight modern day artists inspired by images of Renaissance paintings of African diplomats, merchants, slaves, and rulers currently on display at The Walters. The contemporary works by Jules Arthur, Maya Freelon Astante, Nathaniel Donnett, Victor Ekpuk, Jeffrey Kent (thanks again for the invitation), Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Mario Andres Robinson, and Amy Sherald are simply stunning in and of themselves; but they become both poignant and future historical statements themselves in the larger context of the exhibition. The curators of the show (Myrtis Bedolla, Amy Morton, & Joaneath Spicer) have provided the viewer with, not only a spectacular collection of works, but also with signage that includes the original images from the Walters and statements from the artists. I would also like to say, thank you to all of you for helping put Baltimore on the map with such a serious and world-class artistic statement. Top notch collaboration!


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One Comment
  1. Thank you for encouraging folks to see the exhibit. It is extraordinary and well worth the trip.
    Best, Myrtis Bedolla

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