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Baltimore Bike Party

December 29, 2012

The Baltimore Bike Party saved my life. No really, it’s true. I used to walk everywhere, and only took the Hopkins shuttle when bad weather struck, as I didn’t even own a car. However, Baltimore isn’t really that kind of city and after several nasty incidents, the worst of which was getting chased and beaten black and blue by three teenaged girls, I broke down (quite literally!) and bought a car. Don’t get me started about how crazed being forced into the car dependent lifestyle of trying to find parking and paying for tickets and gas made me. I hated driving the short distances I previously walked, and had the PTSD induced road rage to prove it. Then, along came my experience with the wonderful people involved with the bike party. I started riding en mass this past July and have only missed one ride since. They, and my bike of course, gave me back my freedom. I can’t easily express how happy I am to once again move about town with the sun on my face, and without a car. I now even feel brave enough to ride alone. I won’t say that I’ve ridden without incident because it isn’t true. This town isn’t quite 100% ready for biking either, but I do feel safer on a bike than I do on foot. Maybe, just maybe, if we all get out there, we’ll get to the point where everyone not only feels safe enough, but IS safe enough, to both bike and walk around this town.

If you live in Bmore join us on the next ride – last Friday of every month, meet at 7pm @ Washington Monument – and please consider kicking out some dough through kickstarter if you are able:

Also, here’s a bike related video I did quite a while ago, before there was much biking at all in Baltimore actually:


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