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Home Brewed Kombucha

January 13, 2013

I just brewed my first batch of Kombucha! And I made it Arnold Palmer style.

I’ll admit that I did hesitate for a moment when my sister and her husband offered me a “mother.” But, I do love Kombucha from the store, and with retail prices of nearly $4 to $5 per bottle, I thought I’d give it a go. Plus, now I know, it’s really very easy.

All you need is the following:

  • black tea
  • white sugar (although I’m using brown in my second batch)
  • a kombucha mother (aka “scobie,” or “mushroom”)
  • large glass mason jars or large iced tea pitcher
  • kitchen towel & rubber band
  • fruit juice
  • smaller jars with lids or glass bottles from your last store purchase (any size will do really, so long as you’re not wasting your brew)

Day 1: Make Sweetened Tea – Boil water and steep tea, then add sugar. *Allow the tea to cool down to room temperature.*

Day 1 / Part Two: Once the tea has cooled, add the Mother to the Sweetened Tea. Cover the container with a clean kitchen towel, secure it with the rubber band, and then place in a warm place away from direct sunlight.

Days 1-5: Allow the tea to ferment – On the 5th day, remove the mother and set it (and a 1/2 cup of the mixture) aside on a plate, and put it in the refrigerator. [Every other batch or so, you’ll be able to separate the old mother from its “baby” which will have grown on top of the old mother. The baby will become the new mother for your next batch. The “old” mother can be passed on as a gift or composted.]

Day 5 / Part Two: Ferment With Fruit Juice – Add the fermented tea to about 2.5 oz. of fruit juice per quart-sized jar. You can use any size bottle or jar, just be sure to adjust the amount of fruit juice accordingly. Allow for some breathing room at the top, and close bottle tightly. Place bottles back in the same “fermenting place” for 48 hours.

Day 5 / Part Three: Begin Your Next Batch – Repeat the process for Day 1, Parts One and Two, and use the mother you set aside earlier as the mother for this batch of kombucha tea.

Day 7 : Finish – Remove the bottles from the “fermenting place” and completely chill them in the refrigerator before opening.  Do not shake. Contents will be bubbly. Enjoy!

For those who need more exact instructions, here are where I got mine:


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One Comment
  1. You make it sound so easy! If you need more jars, I have tons of Mason jars with lids still sitting around from the wedding. XO

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