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Common Threat Level

February 17, 2013

“Forward on Climate. Stop Keystone. Stop the frack attack. Mountain justice. Cut carbon.” The diversity in slogans hardly matters any more. We’ve finally found a common threat level. Today was a frigid day, and yet a vast and colorful crowd gathered in our Nation’s Capitol. Folks travelled from great distances, even brought their children, and I love them for it. I hope that our numbers are high enough to warrant the attention of those we’ve elected, and those who’ve not yet become active. I’m optimistic. Those signs are all around us too. Wind and solar are becoming more and more popular at the state level. Folks want to know their food more intimately again. Biking is catching on across the country. Activists are even using data to infiltrate known pockets of climate deniers. For anyone who still isn’t paying attention, I ask just one question: How long can we live without drinking water? Yes, it is that serious. So please stop calling me a hippy and take notice of how business operates in the world around you. The time is now: educate yourselves and your neighbors, become even more politically active and encourage others. Together we must demand climate justice for all!

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